onsdag den 7. juli 2010

Hi, its the first blog day evar!

Hey pepz.
Well, i am Caroline Lily :)
Im a thirteen years old girl whit many dreams and ambitions. I hope to become a actress one day :) I also have a pasion for fashion, i L-O-V-E fashion! Its like, one of the best thing! My fashion icon or idol is Madonnas Daughter Laurdes, Audrey Hepurn, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, and many moore. I love to be inspired of other people. I LOVE vintage shops!
In my sparetime i oufcourse go to school and study. I hang out with my friends go to the mall and stuff like that. I use many times on acting classes and dance, i love to dance acutally i have dance for two years now i dance ballet, and Funk/Jazz.
Have a lovely week y'all! :)

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